Looking for employment in Canada? WE’RE ON THE JOB!

"Don't expect to see change

if you don't go make it"

At AURA we are in the people business and understand that every person is unique. With our extensive experience in the industry we have forged a vast network of relationships to be able to provide first class opportunities with an array of services that is tailored to meet the goals of each person.

At AURA our commitment and our 

passion is your success. 

Looking to work in Canada?

Whether you are looking to start a new career, gain experience, improve knowledge, improve English, or earn income while traveling, AURA can guide you with employment  opportunities in the Canadian gaming industry. 

Do you meet the following qualities and qualifications for employment in the Canadian gaming industry?

  • A minimum of a High school diploma, post secondary degree or diploma an asset 

  • Working experience in a highly customer service oriented role or entertainment type setting 

  • Organizational, interpersonal, and analytical skills

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Strong ability to follow policies, procedures and practices 

  • Able to stand for long periods of time, and lift up to 5 kg 

  • Math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and calculations)  

  • Manual hand dexterity (working with cards and chips)  

  • Ability to take control of table, including dealing with disruptive/disrespectful players 

  • Ability to develop and cultivate working relationships: guests, employees, and regulators 


Are eligible for an IEC work permit? Although AURA is a recruitment agency and not an immigration expert, we can still help whether you qualify for an IEC work permit or not.  Click here to find out if you are eligible for an IEC working holiday permit.

"In the end we only

regret the chances

we didn't take"

"It's not what you know

but who you know

that matters"

Why work with AURA?

At AURA our experience and our commitment to your success drive us to deliver exceptional service tailored to meet your goals of working in Canada. We develop relationships and are dedicated to getting to know the person behind a resume so that we are able to guide them in the next steps of their career and new experiences. Our team has a love and passion for the gaming industry and want to ensure that all our candidates have the knowledge and skills for their career progression.

  • A passion, dedication, and commitment by the team at AURA to ensure success in meeting your goals

  • Personalized and relationship built trust to tailor a solution to serve your unique skills, knowledge, and life.

  • First class opportunities at casinos all across Canada

  • Services from start to finish to ensure success in having the all the knowledge and skills to gain employment, relocating within Canada, reduction of culture shock, and preparations for the next step in your career after your employment in Canada.

Services from AURA

​At AURA  we use our extensive industry knowledge and experience to cater to your success in launching your career in the Canadian gaming industry. Our services can be  tailored to suit each and every candidates  unique knowledge, skills, goals and life. 


  • Seminars and assessments to determine eligibility and tailor a program for each candidate 

  • Casino games and manual skill training so that the candidate has the base skills and knowledge of a dealer

  • IEC work permit and gaming license support so the candidate is eligible to work

  • Casino ESL training to ensure that the candidate is able to provide excellent service, control their table, resolve disputes, and  develop strong relationships with stakeholders 

  • Casino hospitality skills and behaviours to deliver exceptional experiences to internal and external guests

  • Canadian regulatory training for knowledge of all aspects of legislation for dealing in a Canadian casino  including gaming policies and procedures, responsible gaming, responsible alcohol, and health and safety

  • Games fine tuning and Games protection training so that the candidate is ready to be an asset to their company

  • Resume consultation to be prepared to apply for employment with a Canadian Casino

  • Interview, setting up an interview and training of interview skills so that the candidate is successful in securing a position at a Canadian casino

  • Landing Services to ensure a smooth transition including accommodations, airport pick-up, arrangements for transportation, banking and cell phone service, tour of neighborhood, home set-up, and grocery shopping  

"If you don't sacrifice for what you want , what you want becomes the sacrifice"